Cloudy Double-Pane Windows

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    If your double-pane windows get cloudy for some reason, the most common cause is a failed seal.

    A failed seal means that it won’t be able to protect the glass from moisture and corrosion.

    In this situation, the solution is simply replacing the glass and not the entire window.

    For this reason, we will tackle more about cloudy double-pane windows.

    Reasons Why Seals Break

    A window seal holds the insulated glass in place.

    Thus, it protects it from moisture and corrosion.

    This insulated glass can withstand the weather – from cold temperatures, humidity, and heat.

    It can also withstand the opening and closing mechanism of the window.

    When one seal breaks in a double-pane window, the other can hold for a little longer.

    However, as the window gets old, its components will begin to break down.

    Thus, the usual lifespan of a double-pane window ranges between 10 and 20 years.

    Other than old age, direct exposure to sunlight can weaken the condition of the seals.

    The more heat is built up in the window, the more likely the panes expand and contract.

    Another is water retention in the frame.

    A seal provides proper drainage of water around the window.

    When there is improper drainage, it would result in cloudy double-pane windows.

    The Setbacks of Cleaning a Double-Pane Window

    Cleaning double-pane windows presents many challenges, which are impossible to do for a long time.

    It is not just simply wiping cloth to get rid of the fogginess.

    There are many other things to consider when getting rid of your cloudy double-pane window.

    Once the seal breaks, moisture begins to seep in between the spaces and edges of the glass.

    To remove the condensation, you need to remove the seal and clean the glass.

    After cleaning the glass, you need to put back the panes together with the seal.

    Furthermore, the biggest challenge when doing this procedure is you must reseal the glass window without moisture present.

    Another is to remove the seal without breaking the glass.

    Hence, getting rid of fogginess is challenging, but it is not impossible.

    However, we do recommend hiring experts in window repair in Seattle to be sure.

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair to solve the fogging issue of your window.

    Tips When Fixing a Cloudy Double-Pane Window

    As mentioned, condensation forms in double-pane windows when the seal is broken.

    Especially if the material is made of wood, it starts to rot, leading to a broken seal.

    This is primarily true when you live in a humid place.

    If this is your situation, you might only need to replace the insulated glass unit.

    Hence, these are a few tips to remove cloudiness between your window panes:

    1. Clean the fogged windows to remove moisture buildup.
    2. Make sure to inspect the cause of your foggy window.

    If broken glass is a culprit, then repair it to avoid fogginess.

    You can rely on a window glass replacement expert such as Fitch Glass & Door Repair for the job.

    1. If you notice fogginess and rotting, you should let us evaluate and see what needs to be done.
    2. Watch this to give you more tips on getting rid of cloudy double-pane windows.

    Maintaining windows involves several decisions, whether you need a repair or a replacement.

    For window projects related, you can always call our team in Seattle.

    We will assess the cause of your cloudy window, and we’ll fix it accordingly.

    Reasons to Fix Cloudy Double-Pane Windows

    Now you’re wondering why you should get rid of the cloudiness of your windows.

    These are the reasons why you should do it, and never ignore it:

    1. Maintain energy efficiency – energy-efficient windows will save you on utility costs.
    2. Promote safety – condensation can lead to broken windows in time. Make sure to check the condition of the seals and glass when you have it.
    3. Improve curb appeal – Windows that are up-to-date maintain the visual appeal of your home.
    4. Prevent future damages – one minor window problem can lead to more significant issues when ignored.

    Say Goodbye to Cloudy Double-Pane Windows with Fitch Glass & Door Repair

    It’s essential to keep your windows in good condition all the time.

    After all, it does not only serve as aesthetics but also provides functionality to your home.

    Once you notice there is fogginess in your window, allow us to inspect it.

    By doing this, we will assess what kind of repairs you need.

    We’re transparent, and we only provide the highest quality service you deserve.

    We also do window cladding, home window replacement, and home door replacement.

    Get your windows fixed! Call us to say goodbye to your cloudy windows!

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