How to install a vinyl window? DIY Guide

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    Vinyl is the common name for the polymer Poly-Vinyl Chloride. PVC is found in a variety of products, but in the case of windows, the polymer (PVC) is blended with additives that allow it to be molded into window frames and also helps to resist sun degradation. The process of making a frame differs from that of other materials. Wooden and aluminum frames, for example, are made by cutting and bending metal to fit a window or cutting the shape out of a larger piece of wood. Vinyl windows are made of PVC, a plastic material. Vinyl windows were created in the 1970s to compete with more expensive wood windows. Despite its youth, vinyl windows now have roughly the same market share as wood windows. But the question is how to install a vinyl window. So, here in this article, I will tell you about the installation of vinyl windows.

    Benefits of vinyl windows

    • Vinyl windows are weather-resistant.
    • These windows are durable.
    • Vinyl windows are more energy efficient.
    • These windows are soundproof. So, people prefer these windows.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • A lot of color options.
    • These windows are affordable. So, most people prefer these windows.
    • It is easy to install vinyl windows.
    • The bid benefit is that these windows are recyclable.

    How to install a vinyl window?

    Below are a few steps to install a vinyl window.

    Step 1: Remove the old window

    The first step is to remove the old window. Pry the window stops (the thin strips of wood that hold the window sashes in place) from the sides and top of the window with the prybar and hammer from the inside of the window. Maintain the outermost stops and windowsill. Pull the window sashes away from the window with the stops removed.

    Step 2: Preparation of window frame

    The next step comes to the preparation of the window frame. In this step, you need to prepare the frame for the windows. The frame must be level and plumb, but this is not nearly as important as it must be square. Measure from diagonally opposing corners with a tape measure to ensure they are within 14 inches of each other. If not, you may need to remove the window trim and use shims to adjust the actual frame.

    Step 3: Center the Replacement

    First, ensure that the window fits properly in the opening. Remove the window after confirming the fit before squeezing a bead of caulk along the inside of the outer window stops.

    Center the new vinyl replacement window in the opening, leaving some space on either side for shims and insulation. To ensure that the window is centered, use a tape measure to ensure that the reveal is uniform on all sides.

    Step 4: Insulation the window

    The gaps on all sides of the window serve a purpose: insulation. Fiberglass insulation is unsuitable for this project because stuffing the batting into the cracks compresses the fibers and prevents them from working. In contrast, foam works well. Painters tape the inside perimeter of the window frame. Use a thin layer of expanding foam to create a barrier between the replacement window frame and the existing window frame. Allow it to dry before cutting the excess foam and removing the tape.


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