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    Gone are the days that a window glass replacement could be done on your own.

    Before, the process used to be a cheap fix.

    You simply replace the broken glass within a few minutes of work requiring minor DIY skills.

    Today, an old window glass replacement is not that easy to do anymore.

    The more our world gears into technology, the more the window gets more complicated than ever.

    One seal could break, and it could fog up your window for a long time.

    If you don’t fix it correctly, there could be more problems than you expected.

    The more we are high-tech these days, the more often we need to hire a professional to do the job.

    After all, only professionals are trained to deal with the type of window problems.

    They are also updated with the new technology and update their skills to keep up with the trend.

    Or else, they will lose their job if they do not know how to deal with new window technology.

    If you want an old window glass replacement, look no further.

    Fitch Glass & Door Repair will deal with the old window glass replacement for you!

    When Should I Replace My Window Glass?

    A glass-only replacement for your window is only an option when the frames are in good condition.

    It is on a case-to-case basis if you need a window glass replacement.

    However, there are times you need to replace the whole window depending on the damage.

    At Fitch Glass & Door Repair, we consider a glass-only replacement if:

    1. The glass in the sash is damaged.
    2. There is a recurring condensation problem between the glass panes.
    3. You have an old single-pane glass window.

    If the signs above are evident in your current window, then it’s time to have a new one.

    You can work with an expert window repair in Seattle to know what type of window glass you like to have.

    You can also replace the window glass on your own if you’re willing to. However, we don’t recommend it.

    How to Replace a Window Glass

    Repairing a cracked or old window glass is easy, especially if the damage is minor.

    For double-panes or large ones, it’s usually smarter to call us to fix the damage.

    Usually, we do a replacement since broken glass is impossible to mend.

    In most cases, you’ll need to order a new pane for your window, despite only having the glass broken.

    Have it on hand before replacing the old pane.

    So if you do have broken glass, and you’re thinking of doing it on your own, read the following steps.

    1. Remove the broken glass carefully.

    Tap the cracked portion with duct tape to remove the broken glass to prevent shards from falling out.

    Remember to wear safety gloves and glasses when you’re working with the glass.

    When working with broken glass, do it outside of your house.

    If the window is located on the second story of your home, remove the sash for a safer process.

    Again, we still recommend calling a pro for replacing window glass.

    1. Replace the window pane.

    When doing this step, buy the same kind of glass initially installed in the window.

    This is to match with the glass from the other panes.

    Take the shard from the broken glass and ask from a hardware store to ensure you buy the right one.

    For a more intricate process of glass replacement, watch this video.

    When performing this project, make sure to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles.

    You also need to remove any broken glass by inserting a newspaper inside the sash to catch the shards.

    Finally, when showing the shard of glass to a hardware store, pad it with a newspaper so you won’t get injured.

    Consider the safety measures when performing a window glass replacement.

    If you don’t do it, you might get injured in the process.

    That is why we always emphasize leaving the job to a professional to ensure safety for you and your family.

    The cost is worth it, as you’ll get a new window glass right away.

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a Home Window Replacement and Window Repair in Seattle!

    Reach out to us to replace your old window glass.

    Besides, all we want is your safety.

    We also want you to have your new window glass performing well and enhancing the look of your home even further.

    Ditch the DIY project and call us! We’re only one call away in Seattle!

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