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    Every screen door wears out or gets ripped over time.

    When it happens to your screen door, the solution is to replace it.

    Fortunately, a screen door replacement is not a difficult task.

    We need to replace our screen doors when they wear out to keep our home safe from intruders.

    They also provide an excellent source of ventilation in our home.

    For this reason, we’ll go over the steps on how to replace your screen door. In this way, you’ll save money.

    However, if you think you’re not quite fit to do the job, you can count on Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a home door replacement.

    We offer efficient, fast, and affordable screen door replacement in Seattle.

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    What You’ll Need

    Replacing your screen door does not break your budget. All it takes are a few tools that you might probably have in your home.

    Moreover, these are the materials needed:

    • Window Screen
    • Spline roller – sets the spline in place
    • Spline – used to hold the screen in place
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Scissors
    • Utility knife


    1. Detach the Old Door Screen

    The first step is relatively simple. First, take out the rubber spline to remove the screen.

    Then, remove the spline to avoid damaging it using your flathead screwdriver.

    However, if the spline is already damaged, replace it with a new one for your screen.

    The screen should come out quickly once you remove the spline.

    Lastly, clean the inside part of the frame to remove debris, dust, and dirt.

    1. Cut the New Screen

    When doing this step, it’s essential to buy more than what you need.

    In this way, you won’t fall short of fitting the new screen into your door.

    Place your new screen over the door.

    Then, cut the excess using scissors or a knife.

    Make sure to leave an allowance of a couple of inches to overhang.

    1. Fit the Screen into the Frame

    Press the screen in the sides of the frame by using a spine roller.

    Tighten the screen enough on the edges to avoid any wavy surface.

    Then, roll the screen to secure it in place in the frame.

    1. Install the Spline

    Once you secure the screen in the frame, measure the right amount of spline to be used.

    Then, you can roll the spline into the grooves.

    Use this step similar to how you cut the screen into the frame.

    After measuring the amount of spline you need, roll it into the grooves using a spline roller.

    Again, tighten the screen while rolling the spline.

    However, avoid using too much pressure to prevent cutting the screen.

    After rolling the spline around the frame, cut the excess screen and secure it in the grooves.

    We advise that you go over with the spine roller once more to make sure that the screen is tightly secured in place.

    1. Remove the Excess

    Now that you’ve installed the spline in your screen door cut off the remaining screen material.

    Make sure you do this step carefully to have clean edges on your screen door.

    Use a utility knife or a box cutter to get as close to the door frame.

    Don’t rush replacing your screen door as you might accidentally scratch the door frame.

    You might also cut yourself or overcut the screen.

    1. Reinstall Your Door

    After you successfully place the screen, put back the door to its original place.

    Choose Fitch Glass & Door Repair for your Seattle doors and windows!

    The process for replacing the screen door on your own is pretty easy, right?

    All you need are simple tools that you might already have in your home.

    Make sure to refer to the steps above on how to do a screen door replacement.

    You might also watch this video to know how exactly you can replace your screen door.


    However, there are times that DIY won’t suffice if you know you can’t do the job on your own.

    Luckily, you can count on Fitch Glass & Door Repair to do it for you.

    We’re one of the door companies in Seattle that offers fast and high-quality service at a reasonable price.

    If you need a fix or installation for your screen door, call our hotline in Seattle.

    Our staff will immediately reach you right away.

    Call us now for a home door replacement in Seattle!

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