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    Sliding doors are integral to every home’s curb appeal.

    They fill your home with natural light and fresh air.

    Because of this, you’ll want to make sure they’re working correctly and safely.

    If there’s damage to your sliding door, know that repairing it is pretty tricky.

    You need to have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills to perform the job.

    In any case, you need to take action when dealing with a damaged sliding door.

    You don’t need to worry. We at Fitch Glass & Door Repair are here to help you.

    Call us in Seattle to receive our top-notch services.

    Furthermore, we will also give you some maintenance tips and when to call for sliding doors repair in Seattle.

    Maintenance and Repair Tips for Sliding Doors

    A sliding door can be inconvenient when it malfunctions.

    It either gets stuck or won’t glide. Other issues are broken glass or have rotten seals.

    Because of this, we will give you some steps you can do to repair them.

    Stuck sliding door

    Dirt, hair, mud, and debris are some of the reasons the track gets stuck in its place.

    They clog the rollers underneath, which prevents smooth movement.

    When you notice you have dirty tracks, you need to do the following steps:

    1. Remove the door from its track.

    Unscrew the rollers to detach the door from the track.

    Then, unscrew the door stop located at the top of the frame.

    1. Inspect the rollers.

    Pull out the rollers and see if they are damaged.

    If they are, then they need to be replaced.

    Otherwise, you can clean out the debris that is stuck in the rollers.

    You could also lubricate them using a silicone spray for easy dirt removal.

    1. Reinstall the lubricated and clean rollers.

    Align the adjustment screw to the access hole.

    Then, tap the screws in place using a hammer and a block to avoid wheel damage.

    Once they are snugly fit into place, retract the rollers.

    1. Clean the tracks.

    Wipe the tracks with alcohol and apply a silicone-based lubricant.

    This will allow the debris to loosen up.

    1. Reinstall the door.

    After cleaning the tracks and rollers, then it’s time to reinstall the door.

    Follow these steps for door reinstallation:

    1. Align the bottom track and raise it.
    2. Reattach the head stop to prevent it from falling out. Place the door toward the jamb.
    3. Turn the adjustment screws until the sliding door is in line with the jamb.

    Broken latches

    If the door latch is broken, simple lubrication won’t work.

    Instead, you need to replace the whole thing.

    To do it, remove the lock and take it with you to the hardware store.

    In this way, you can guarantee that you’ll buy the same latch.

    Once you buy the appropriate latch, install it according to the manual.

    Then, test the handiness by turning the lever and trying the key.

    Make sure to check that all the pieces and parts are in proper working order.

    To have in-depth instructions, you can watch this video.

    Broken ssgla

    Having a broken glass indicates an immediate replacement unless you want to risk yourself to injury.

    If the frame is fine, you can simply replace the glass if you’re a DIY pro.

    Otherwise, we recommend leaving the job to the experts as a door and window glass replacement.

    However, if you think you can do it on your own, imagine that you’re replacing the glass on the window if you’ve done it before.

    1. Remove the trim from the glass door. Make sure to get rid of any glass shards left.
    2. Make sure to buy a piece of glass with the correct measurements. Before buying, measure the weight and height of the opening. Then, subtract 1/4 inch for all sizes.
    3. Install the new glass in the door opening and caulking it into place.
    4. Place the trim back you initially removed. Then, secure the frame with tacks.
    5. Clean the glass and any excess caulk.

    Bad Seal

    A sliding door has properly installed weatherstripping around the corners to protect your home from elements. If it’s getting bad in shape, do these steps:

    1. Loosen it with a screwdriver.
    2. Pull the weatherstripping gently from the door with a putty knife.
    3. Remove any glue residue or staples.
    4. Install the newly bought weatherstripping as stated in the manual.

    Trust Fitch Glass & Door Repair – One of The Reliable Door Companies in Seattle

    If you want a sliding doors repair in Seattle, don’t settle for a DIY project.

    Instead, you can trust us to do the work for you.

    Having a damaged and problematic sliding door causes inconvenience to every household.

    Hence, once you detect problems with your sliding door, make sure to deal with them right away.

    If you’re in Seattle, call us! We provide home door replacement and repair.

    After all, we want all Seattle doors and windows to be in good condition.

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