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    Storefront doors are used for practical and safety purposes.

    They function as the main entrance and exit for customers, employees, clients, and others.

    They serve as the way for coming and going from your commercial facility or business.

    If you have a business, it’s essential to keep your storefront door functioning.

    Or else, you would be risking your commercial building to theft or burglary.

    After all, a worn-out or damaged storefront door means it needs a repair, or even worse, a replacement.

    Once you notice your storefront door needs some TLC, call Fitch Glass & Door Repair in Seattle.

    We’re one of the best door companies in Seattle.

    We are experts in residential and commercial repair and installation.

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    Best Commercial and Home Door Replacement in Seattle

    A storefront door for every retail store and business should look inviting and presentable.

    In this way, it will help the customers to get attracted to coming into your store.

    For a storefront door to look inviting, it should be made of durable materials such as glass, aluminum, or both.

    However, a presentable-looking storefront is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Besides its aesthetic purposes, storefront doors should provide your property security.

    Hence, they should be durable to secure your goods and keep out from break-ins and harsh weather.

    Storefront doors should protect everyone inside your store.

    In short, a commercial storefront door must be:

    • Invite customers to come into your store
    • Serve as an access point to the facility
    • Should be made of durable material to provide security and safety
    • Keep out harmful elements and weather
    • Prevent break-ins and theft
    • Should protect people inside

    Thus, if your storefront has signs of damage, it’s best to get it fixed right away by professionals.

    You can count on Fitch Glass & Door Repair to deal with your damaged storefront door.

    Signs You Need To Repair Your Doors

    The degree of damage on your storefront door depends on whether it needs a repair or a replacement.

    Either way, you should have it checked by a door expert to know the best course of action.

    In the meantime, read further if you need a storefront door repair or a replacement.

    Broken Door

    A broken storefront door includes being warped, has too much superficial damage, can’t be locked, crushed, or bent.

    Other cases may have irreparable damage that fixing is no longer possible.

    Hence, it would be best if you replace your door for good.

    Watch this to have an idea of how a storefront door is installed.

    It varies on the degree of damage, whether it needs a repair or new installation.

    To be sure, have it checked by our team in Seattle.

    Noisy Door

    A noisy door indicates it needs proper lubrication.

    Simultaneously, the hinges might be too tight or loose.

    Either way, you should have it checked by a professional to see the cause of the door making noises.

    In this way, it won’t bother your customers every time they go in or out of your store.

    Rusty and Corroded Door

    If your storefront door is made of metal, it can be pretty durable as it protects your store from extreme weather conditions.

    However, the downside of it is, your door is prone to rust and corrosion.

    If you see signs of it, make sure to have it checked by our team to remove rust and corrosion.

    We’ll make your storefront door looks brand new.

    Keep your Storefront door functional with Fitch Glass & Door Repair.

    Once your storefront door does not work correctly anymore, you may be causing inconvenience to your employees and customers.

    Hence, it’s essential to fix your storefront door quickly.

    For this reason, you can always rely on our company for a guaranteed response and quick service.

    Our well-trained staff caters to your requests.

    Also, our professional door experts are trained enough to deal with any type of door problem.

    Aside from commercial and home door replacement and repair, we also provide the following services:

    • window repair in Seattle
    • home window replacement
    • window cladding
    • window glass replacement

    What are you waiting for?

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a storefront door repair in Seattle!

    We are always here to attend to your needs.

    You won’t regret our excellent customer service and door repair services.

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