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    Do you notice every time it rains, your window starts leaking?

    You should know that a leaking window can affect the other structures of your house, such as the floor or walls.

    As a result, it could affect the aesthetic beauty of an interior.

    We know that homeowners do not want this to happen.

    Because of this, you should know when to call for a window leak repair in Seattle.

    Fortunately, Fitch Glass & Door Repair will quickly fix your leaking window.

    Contact us, and we’ll provide you with a quote for our window repair in Seattle.

    Furthermore, we will discuss why window leaks happen and ways to prevent them.

    Reasons Why Your Water is Leaking from Your Window

    A leaking window is familiar to older homes.

    Unfortunately, the newer house can have leaking window problems too.

    Even the most durable houses or buildings don’t last forever.

    All windows will leak eventually. These are the reasons why your window is leaking:

    Your Home is Old

    The first and obvious fact is that your home is probably old.

    Years of exposure to weather elements and temperature fluctuation lead to constant shrinking and expanding windows.

    It’s very normal for this to happen.

    However, this shifting can cause a misaligned window, creating gaps.

    Poor Installation

    Windows should be installed appropriately.

    If you have your window installed by unlicensed window repair personnel, there’s a high chance that the job is not correctly executed.

    It will result in a leaky window eventually.

    Compromised Sealant

    Cracked caulking and glazing putty between the between can lead to water infiltration.

    The gaps will create room for external elements, and water is one of them.

    If the caulking problem is not that severe, this issue can easily be fixed.

    Simply remove the old sealant and replace it with a new coating.

    If you’re adamant about performing the repair, you can watch this video for reference.

    However, fixing old glaze or caulk should be done by a home window replacement expert such as Fitch Glass & Door Repair.

    Even if you do the hard work, you can’t guarantee a good result.

    Thus, it’s best to leave this problem to professionals.

    Wall and Roof Leaks

    As mentioned earlier, window leaks can result in a structural problem in your home.

    When you have this kind of problem, carefully check the roof, floor, and walls.

    If you observe water stains on the walls around the frame, there’s a leak in a window.

    The leak happens as the water will enter the frame and invade along the flat surfaces around the frame.

    However, the cause of window leak can be hard to identify.

    If it’s hard for you to determine the source of the problem, contact a window glass replacement expert in Seattle.

    How to Prevent Window Leaks

    If you want to avoid having problems with your window, know that you should carry out proper maintenance.

    After all, maintenance will keep your windows in good shape.

    One of the maintenance tips we recommend is to check your window’s caulking inside and outside regularly.

    This will help you to identify if sealing is necessary.

    Besides, replacing the caulk will keep the seal in good shape.

    Thus, this will prevent future window leaks.

    Also, know what’s causing your window to leak.

    Applying caulk won’t solve the problem, so there must be a problem with the alignment of your window.

    For this preventive measure, it’s safer to ask for help from us to identify the cause of the problem accurately.

    On the other hand, check if the drainage corners are clean if you’re using a slider or a non-hung window.

    Dirt and debris can accumulate into the channels.

    Thus, they stop the smooth flow of water.

    This will allow the water to settle in these areas resulting in a window leak.

    If you have already been regularly taking care of your windows, but leaking still occurs, it’s advisable to call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for an assessment.

    Wrap Up

    Window leaks can cause damage to the structure of your house – from floors to the walls.

    That said, it’s essential to call an expert to perform a window leak repair in Seattle.

    We at Fitch Glass & Door Repair know what to do with your window leak problem.

    Call us, and we’ll assess the situation of your leaking window.

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