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    Having a broken window means inconvenience to all homeowners.

    They also pose a risk to safety for you and your family.

    Avoid escalating the problem to become bigger if you have a sudden window accident.

    Whether it’s broken glass or a leaky window, approach a reliable expert for a repair.

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a home window replacement and repair in Seattle.

    We cater to all different types of window damages.

    Call us for window restoration in Seattle.

    When To Hire Us for a Window Repair in Seattle

    When windows get damaged, two areas are potentially affected: the glass and the surrounding parts.

    When the glass breaks, it means it needs a replacement once and for all.

    If replacing the glass still did not solve the problem with your windows, then one of the parts needs repair.

    Moreover, these are the following window problems that will prompt you to hire Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a repair:

    Peeling or Chipped Paint

    If you want to elevate your home into another level, replace your chipped paint with a new coat.

    One of our personnel will be able to revive your current window into a brand new-looking one.

    Water Leakage

    If you notice coffee stains around your window, the water might have been accumulating in the frames of your window.

    Once the water seeps into the frame and glass, this can lead to a window leak.

    It can be annoying to deal with this problem.

    If you have this problem, call us to repair the damage.

    Rotting Frames

    If you ever have a window leak, it’s no wonder you notice your frames start to rot, especially if they are made of wood.

    A rotting frame is usually due to snowmelt, heavy rain, and humidity.

    The older your house is, the chances of your window rotting are very high.

    Talk to us about your rotting frame, and we can inspect it to fix it.

    Worn out Caulking

    A drafty window might need for you to replace the caulking.

    Caulking is used to seal the gaps in your window.

    You can see it applied between the wall and the frame.

    If the caulking starts to wear out, the air, insects, and other external elements can enter into the gaps of the window.

    This results in drafty, foggy, and leak windows.

    Replace your caulking by following this tutorial suitable for beginners.

    Difficulty Operating the Windows

    Windows should open and close seamlessly and smoothly.

    If it’s the other way around, then it’s a clear sign you need a window repair in Seattle.

    Different factors cause sticking windows.

    Hence, it’s essential to identify the underlying cause to ensure this problem is fixed.

    Here are some of the causes for a stuck window:

    1. The paint on the window sash is too thick, causing it to stick to the tracks
    2. The sash is not aligned with the track
    3. The sash doesn’t work properly
    4. The window frame is twisted
    5. The latches and hinges are rusty and corroded

    When To Hire Us for a Window Replacement in Seattle

    On the other hand, if repairs don’t work to make your window fully functional again, it needs to be replaced.

    These are the tell-tale signs you need a home window replacement:

    Drafty Windows

    Various factors cause drafty windows.

    One of them is worn caulking.

    However, worn caulking is easy to deal with it.

    Thus, you do not need a window replacement if this is the cause.

    There are, in fact, more other reasons a draft window occurs that might require a window replacement. These are the following:

    • Cracked glass
    • Torn screens
    • Misaligned windows

    For more accuracy identifying the cause of a drafty window, have it checked by one of our personnel.

    In this way, you’ll know if you need either a repair or a replacement.

    Excessive Damage

    Excessive Damage is a very general term.

    In this case, we mean by a combination of foggy windows, broken seals, cracked glass, and damaged parts.

    This combination of damages will require you to replace your whole window.

    For this reason, act fast and call us to give you a quote for the replacement service.

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a Window Repair and Replacement in Seattle

    Once you need a window repair or replacement, don’t wait any longer.

    Call Fitch Glass & Door Repair for window restoration in Seattle.

    We’ll develop the best course of action to restore your windows to their former glory.

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