Wood Sliding Patio Doors Repair In Seattle

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    A wood sliding patio doors repair in Seattle is one the most challenging and trickiest types of door repairs.

    It is challenging to fix a sliding patio door, especially if you do it on your own.

    If you want to save money and time, have it done by a home door replacement expert such as Fitch Glass & Door Repair.

    We offer the best value and service as one of the door companies in Seattle.

    Get your patio door repaired by our door experts.

    Repairing a Sliding Glass Door

    A sliding patio door proves to be a huge asset for every household.

    It gives your home a boost in appearance.

    It also provides a spacious feeling to your home while letting natural light enter your living room.

    However, as with all things, a patio door has its limitation.

    Over time, it requires repair depending on the issue.

    Moreover, here are the common issues that come with a sliding patio door, along with how to deal with them:

    Difficulty in Sliding

    A sliding patio door should move smoothly.

    However, if you find yourself exerting more effort when sliding the door, there must be a problem with alignment or the rollers.

    Try these steps to ensure your patio door is sliding smoothly again:

    1. Start by cleaning the bottom door track.

    Remove any debris and dust, whether big or small, to ensure a smooth slide.

    1. Rollers need adjustment due to the frequency of use and changes in the weather.
    2. Adjust the screws at the bottom of the door frame to lower or raise the rollers.
    3. Adjust the rollers until the door slides smoothly.

    If the above tricks don’t improve the sliding functionality of your patio door, maybe it’s time to replace the rollers.

    Watch this video for a DIY roller repair.

    However, it’s better to hire your local door and window repair expert in Seattle for this type of job.

    Damaged Hardware and Parts

    The hardware and part of a sliding patio door will degrade over time.

    In fact, it’s common to replace the hardware of a sliding patio door.

    Make sure to tap us for the hardware repair and replacement for a guaranteed service.

    Shattered Glass

    Sliding patio doors often have double-pane glass similar to a window.

    Fortunately, we are experts in repairing glass doors.

    Aside from replacing the existing glass, we can also replace the unit with upgraded insulated glass.

    After all, energy-efficient glass offers insulation to your home, which reduces your energy costs in the long run.

    Failed Seal

    A failed seal means there could be fogging and condensation in your patio door.

    In fact, it can be frustrating to see your patio door being hazy.

    It prevents the natural light from entering your house.

    With a foggy door, you also won’t be able to see the view outside.

    Contact Fitch Glass & Door Repair to replace your broken seals.

    Damaged Screen

    If your patio door has a screen, it is most likely prone to ripping.

    When it comes to this stage, it compromises the functionality of your door.

    As a result, your patio door will look less valuable.

    Fortunately, we repair a screen patio door.

    Make sure to discuss with us so we’ll give you a quote for the service you need.

    You can DIY a wood sliding patio door.

    However, you cannot guarantee a quality output from the project.

    Sliding glass doors are an essential investment since installing those ranges between $1,200 and $3,000.

    Protect your investment with professional home door replacement and repair in Seattle.

    Importance of Relying on the Repairs to a Professional

    Whether you need to repair your rollers or replace your patio glass door, it’s essential to find professionals who have worked on various door problems.

    This is to ensure that whatever door problems you have, they’ll be able to meet your expectations – for your door to function once again.

    With Fitch Glass & Door Repair, we pride in providing our customers with:

    1. Installing energy-efficient glass doors to reduce energy costs leading to utility bill savings
    2. We have prompt and high-quality service.

    We make sure to respond to our customers right away.

    We don’t want to prolong our customer’s agony with their doors. We’ll arrive in time and fix your door.

    1. Aside from door services, we also offer home window replacement, window glass replacement, window cladding, and window repair in Seattle.

    We cater to all Seattle doors and windows!

    1. We prioritize safety for our customers.

    The process for doing a patio door project is technical, time-consuming, and detail-oriented.

    We want to do our job correctly while making sure our clients are safe during the process.

    Tap us for a quote!

    If you need a wood sliding patio doors repair in Seattle, don’t hesitate to reach our team.

    We have friendly staff to cater to your requests any time of the day.

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