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    Accidents that involve windows are normal and happen all the time.

    If you experience events that are window-related, contact Fitch Glass & Door Repair for a window repair in Seattle for a quick fix.

    Our team provides window cladding, window glass replacement, and home window replacement.

    We also cater to door repairs and home door replacement.

    Contact our window contractors in Seattle to receive our top-notch services!

    Your Trusted Window Repair Expert in Seattle

    Windows fail for many reasons.

    When it starts to cause problems, the first thing you do is repair the window on your own.

    Unfortunately, doing a DIY project is something we do not recommend for every homeowner.

    There are many considerations when doing a window repair, such as tools, materials, and techniques.

    As window repair requires extensive experience and training, we’re sure you cannot pull off a successful window repair.

    Because of this, once you spot problems with your window, don’t hesitate to approach us.

    Our services will surely restore your window right away.

    Moreover, these are the type of window repairs we provide:

    Fixing a Rotting Window Frame

    A rotting window frame can lead to water and air leak leading to structural damage in your house.

    We know that having this problem is annoying.

    To prevent his from happening, you can prime and paint your window frame.

    Also, check the caulking is it’s not chipping away.

    If it does, watch this video for the simple procedure.

    On the other hand, hire us to repair it if your window has been rotting for a while now.

    Depending on the problem, there are times that your window frame needs replacement than a repair.

    Fixing a Stiff Window

    A window should open and close seamlessly.

    However, if it’s getting difficult to operate it, then you have a stiff window.

    Fortunately, the fix is simple.

    To get rid of a stiff window, clean the window and apply a lubricant onto the clasps and hinges.

    If you’re not confident doing maintenance, then we can do it for you.

    Doing maintenance is our expertise.

    This could help us to check what other issues you may have aside from having a stiff window.

    Fixing a Draft Window

    A draft window means that there is a problem with the caulking and the seals.

    Perhaps the caulking starts to peel or crack while the seals are starting to get loose or break.

    Thus, it would help if you leave this job to us for a guaranteed fix.

    Fixing a Foggy Window

    Window frames expand and contract, which leads to broken seals over time.

    When these seals break, air will enter between the glass layers, resulting in a foggy window.

    To solve a damaged seal, simply replace it.

    If you don’t know how to replace it, you can always ask us to do the job for you.

    Fixing a Broken Window

    A broken window is the most common problem we encounter.

    This means a crack or shatters in window glass.

    It’s essential to fix this problem to avoid danger to you and your family.

    We at Fitch Glass & Door Repair will dismantle the glass and replace a new one.

    In this way, you’ll have a nice-looking and functional window once again.

    Reasons to Choose Us

    Our window contractors in Seattle can fix any window problems you have, from a shattered to a foggy window.

    Our experienced and trained personnel will respond to you right away once you give us a call.

    Moreover, this is what to expect when you rely on us:

    Top-notch repair and replacement service

    Anyone can perform a window repair.

    However, the results vary depending on who’s doing the job.

    It’s even more different when professionals perform the task since they know how to repair a window.

    If you work with us, expect top-notch results from us.

    Promptness and Reliability

    A window repair company needs to coordinate with the customer’s needs and wants.

    Fortunately, we know what’s best for our customers.

    We’ll work out a schedule for you based on your desired place and time.

    After all, we don’t want to waste time.

    We want to provide our service as scheduled quickly.

    Call Our Window Repair and Replacement Experts in Seattle!

    Discuss to us your situation regarding your faulty windows.

    Once we arrive at your house, we’ll assess it and fix it right away.

    If the repairs need more time, we can work out a schedule for you so you can say hello to your fully-functional window again.

    Call us and say goodbye to faulty windows!

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