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    Patio doors add a beautiful accent to your home and your outdoor space.

    Although they are expensive to install, they are easy to maintain.

    However, they also require regular maintenance, similar to windows.

    If you don’t take care of it, you’ll encounter common problems soon, such as sticking, condensation, and broken glass.

    A repair is easier said than done, so make sure to take care of it when you have the chance.

    However, if it starts to fail, the best way to approach it is to leave the repairs to Fitch Glass & Door Repair.

    We strive to be one of the reliable window and door companies in Seattle.

    Hence, we make sure to fix your patio door.

    Our experienced team will give you the best service you deserve.

    It doesn’t matter what’s causing your patio door to fail.

    We will assess the situation and diagnose it to bring it back to good condition.

    Call our team in Seattle for a patio doors repair in Everett!

    Why Choose Fitch Glass & Door Repair?

    It’s essential to find professionals who can work with your goals and needs.

    In this way, you’ll get the service you want at a reasonable price.

    We at Fitch Glass & Door Repair value integrity in our work and the results we provide. We pride ourselves as:

    1. We are prompt in providing service to our customers.

    We don’t want to keep our customers waiting. Once you call us, we make sure to be responsive.

    We know how it is difficult to have a faulty patio door. Hence, we will rush to your house and fix your door.

    1. We respond to emergency requests.

    Patio door problems happen anytime and at the most unexpected times.

    Because of this, you can call us any time of the day.

    Call us and schedule your appointment with us.

    Patio Door Repairs We Provide

    We are knowledgeable and expert when it comes to patio doors repair in Everett.

    For this reason, we provide different repairs for patio doors.

    Sliding Patio Door Repair

    A patio door that won’t slide smoothly as it used to should be addressed right away.

    Fortunately, the sliding problem is easy to fix most of the time as it could come from a broken roller or dirty tracks.

    If these are the causes, simple cleaning and lubricating will do.

    However, your patio door ages over time, so there is a need for a professional repair.

    Because of this, don’t hesitate to approach a professional in Seattle to fix your patio door.

    French Patio Door Restoration

    French doors are some of the best types in the market.

    They boost the appearance of your home like you’re having a summer vacation all the time.

    However, everyday wear and tear and weather conditions affect the functionality of a French patio door.

    These could eventually lead to warping, fogging, leakage, sticking, and bowing.

    As always, call a professional to restore your french patio door.

    Don’t ever try to repair a french door on your own since it can be pretty challenging to do it.

    You can watch this video to understand how the repairs for a french door are done.

    Screen Patio Door Repair

    A patio door can have screens, too, aside from glass.

    However, a screen patio door gets worn out in time.

    It’s essential to freshen the look of your door constantly.

    You can upgrade your screen door and replace it if there are cracks, graze, and holes in the screen.

    Wood Patio Door Restoration

    Wood patio doors are functional since they provide insulation and even give a classic look to your home.

    However, rotting can be a usual occurrence, especially if rain is common in your area.

    Even if this is not true in your area, leakage can also be a problem for wood patio doors.

    As a result, these problems will lead to structural damage.

    That is why, wood types need home door replacement rather than repair when issues start to come up.

    Get Your Seattle Doors and Windows Fixed!

    Patio doors, despite their durability, need to be taken care of to prevent damages.

    However, despite taking care of it, it will eventually show signs of problems that require repair.

    If you need patio doors repair in Everett, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    We’re one call away from having your patio door fixed!

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